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Welcome to YRCCI

Welcome to Yangon Commodity Exchange Center of Yangon Region, Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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၂၀၁၃ ခုႏွစ္၊ ဒီဇင္ဘာလ(၁၃)ရက္ ေသာၾကာေန႔
ေစ်းကြက္ဖြင့္ခ်ိန္ ၆၀၆,၀၀၀ က်ပ္ ၆၂၉,၀၀၀ က်ပ္
ေန႔လည္ ၁၁း ၀၀ နာရီ ၅၉၉,၅၀၀ က်ပ္ ၆၂၉,၀၀၀ က်ပ္
ေဈးကြက္ပိတ္ခ်ိန္ ၅၉၉,၅၀၀ က်ပ္ ၆၂၉,၀၀၀ က်ပ္

Last Updated on Friday, 13 December 2013 07:39

Contract Registration is ongoing!


The registration of pulses sale contracts signed between local exporter and foreign buyer, is on going at YRCCI (CXC), although the Center terminated issuing recomendation for pulses' price of sale contracts. And also the registration fee has being reduced for the purpose to release the constraints on the line of export task of local exporter as well as the logistic cost.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 December 2012 11:03

Automatic Price Information System (APIS)


If only you pick up the phone and dial the Automatic Price Imformation System phone Numbers, you can know the prices of commodities at the various commodities in Myanmar.

Automatic Price Information System (APIS)has installed at Yangon Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry by the assistance of FAO.Hence, since January 9 of 2012, the price news has being answered on telephone no. (01)528977.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 December 2012 06:25
Price_Report - General Reports

Daily Price reports

price Report

Thank you for visiting our daily price reports.

Now you can visit the Price Report freely. You do not need to register and log in.

The Price Reports are categorized into FOB Price Reports and Local Price Report

Last Updated on Thursday, 20 June 2013 05:12
Interviewed by Eleven Media Group
Written by Administrator   

The President, Vice Presidents, Secretaries and the Cluster of Executive Members Who are representtatives of Black Matpe traders of Yangon Bayint-Naung Coomodity Exchange Center were interviewed by Eleven Media Group at Meeting of Center on July 9 of 2013.

On the Occation, the Eleven Media Group asked about the present condition of pulses market, pulses export status, future prospect and the possibilities to development of pulses industry sector, and the personal of the center answered the questions.


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